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Early career opportunities with AstraZeneca

Start a career that will help improve life for millions. Take on real responsibility in a supportive, dynamic environment that's fuelled by innovation. Work with brilliant minds to solve important problems. 

Why choose AstraZeneca?

We are an innovation-driven, global, biopharmaceutical company with a vision to save lives through innovative science, collaboration and exceptional service delivery.

There are many career paths and programmes available to you, whatever your level of study, in locations across the globe. Begin channelling your passion with us.

Explore our programmes

Read about and apply to our graduate programmes using the links below.

School/College Students



Postdoc opportunities

Preparing your resume

Make sure your resume is as eye-catching as possible. Here are a few pointers to help get you on an AstraZeneca recruiter's short list:

First impressions are lasting ones

  • Emphasise what you've done, not what you want to do
  • Find experiences in your life where you've demonstrated the behaviors listed in a job description
  • Highlight your contact information and make sure your voicemail message is clear
  • Make pertinent information like education, professional experience, leadership roles, team participation and volunteer experience easy to find
  • Be honest about your experiences
  • Format your resume so it's readable, concise and in a recognisable font
  • Don't be too lengthy. One page is preferable, but two can be acceptable if you've got a lot of experience
  • Use descriptive verbs to present your experiences
  • Be specific and have evidence to support your statements
  • Title your sections clearly: Education, Work Experience, Skill Sets, Activities/Achievements
  • Keep it short, sweet and to the point

What to avoid on a pharmaceutical resume

  • Wordiness. Use short sentences. Treat your resume like an advertisement and use complete phrases
  • Excessive use of borders, italics and fancy fonts. They don't upload cleanly into online systems
  • Small fonts. Stick to 10-12 point
  • Too much bold type. Only enbold major achievements

Application hints and tips

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