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Frequently asked questions

Should I use a recruitment agency to represent me?

Is a work permit necessary?

Is there an upper age limit for applicants?

Does AstraZeneca employ military veterans?

Do you accept CVs/Resumes from recruitment agencies?

Are all of your vacancies advertised on your website?

How often do you post new roles?

What education background is required to work at AstraZeneca?

Can I still be considered for other roles if I’ve been unsuccessful in a previous application?

How does AstraZeneca support candidates with disabilities during the recruitment process?

I have received a job offer from AstraZeneca, even though I have not applied for the job.

Do AstraZeneca recruiters ever ask for payment or banking information?

How do I report a suspicious or potentially fraudulent recruitment communication?

What can I expect following my application?

Can I mail my application instead of applying online?

Do I have to provide a separate application for every role I apply for?

How can I check how my application is progressing?

When can I expect to receive feedback on my application?

Who do I contact if I am having problems with my application?

Can I withdraw my application?

How long will it take before I hear the outcome from my interview?

Can I resubmit an updated cover letter and resume once I have submitted my application?

I have been referred to a role by an AstraZeneca employee, when will I hear more?

How should I prepare for my interview?

Will AstraZeneca reimburse my travel expenses if I come for an interview?

What do I need to bring to the interview with me?

Do I have to submit my application in English?

How are new employees welcomed into AstraZeneca?

Who is responsible for my induction?

Will I have the opportunity to travel?

What about mobility? Is it possible to change jobs within AstraZeneca and is it encouraged?

Does AstraZeneca conduct background screening as part of the recruitment process?

How does AstraZeneca support employees with disabilities or health conditions, including mental health?

Company information

How do I contact my local AstraZeneca HR team?

How can I become a supplier to AstraZeneca?

Equal opportunities

How large will the new Cambridge campus be?

When is AstraZeneca moving to Cambridge?

Who will AstraZeneca partner with in the Cambridge area?

What areas of science will Cambridge focus on?

Who has access to my application/profile?

What is AstraZeneca's policy in regards to testing on animals?

Who do I contact if I would like to attend clinical testing?

What is the process for contractors to apply for roles at AstraZeneca?

When can I apply for holiday work?