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IT Leadership Programme

Locations: US, UK, Sweden
Salary: Competitive

This programme is currently closed. Be sure to check this page regularly for any updates.

About IT leadership

Science led. IT driven.

Operating in over 100 countries and employing over 59,000 people, AstraZeneca is investing billions in research and development. Developing life-changing medicines is our purpose and IT are at the heart of us achieving that!

We need great people who share our passion for technology led science, are driven, determined and hard-working. Who challenge to innovate and make a meaningful difference.

Programme details

About the programme

In AstraZeneca IT, we are at the forefront of discovering and driving digital health and workplace automation to ensure our scientists can continue to develop more and more life-changing medicines and our core and enabling teams have the capacity to focus on the really important stuff that makes us successful.

As part of the AstraZeneca IT Leadership Programme you have the opportunity to play a critical role in us achieving this, now and in the future.

Starting in 2019, the three-year programme comprises three rotations, each lasting eight months, followed by a year-long placement in a role that aligns to your passion, interest and skillset, our business objectives, whilst ensuring we offer you continued development and challenge.

Throughout your time on the IT Leadership programme you could be responsible for working with our customers and IT teams to deliver technology solutions that help our scientists, our sales teams and our enabling functions to do their best work. You could be responsible for data sourcing and visualisation, supporting our business to make solid, data-driven decisions. You could be exploring possible tech solutions and implementing them to support process automation – the possibilities are endless.

The flexibility of the programme enables you to work with us to drive your own journey through the programme, often working with various customer groups to truly influence and improve the way our business operates.

Meet our people

Meet Charitha

Meet Charitha

Starting my career with the graduate programme in AZ is very exciting. I am sure that this programme is going to help me to identify my passion and build a good platform to my career by providing good choices and opportunities in learning new technologies.

I love the way how this programme is structured. Providing the opportunity to explore in different areas in AZ will definitely be helpful to choose and build the right path of my career.

Meet Louise

Meet Louise

I am currently working in the Project Delivery Team in Operations IT. I have a background in Industrial Engineering and Management with a M.Sc. in Supply Chain Management. I am from Sweden but have conducted three of four rotations in Macclesfield, UK, close to Manchester.

When I started this programme I started working in a new country, new industry, new company and did not know anything about how IT operates. I was faced with the challenge to learn a lot in a short time to be able to contribute and start delivering. Since then my experiences from the programme range from working with event planning and marketing to improving the user experience of our installation process of our corporate operating system.

In my first rotation, I was working in the team responsible for diagnosing and implementing changes to AstraZeneca IT’s operating model of and our process framework. I also started working with change communication related to the organisational design where I lead the production of a short animated film with an external animation bureau, never thought I’d do that while working in IT!

I had another great role in my second rotation where I had the opportunity to work with the service introduction for the new corporate operating system. I also helped initiate and develop a process to manage the new innovative way we manage updates to our operating system, Evergreen. I developed a lot in this role as I was exposed to both the technical constraints as well as the business impacts of introducing Evergreen updates, which I had never even heard of a year ago.

In my current rotation I am working in the Project Delivery Team in Operations IT. I am working with a super exciting project where AstraZeneca is building a new highly automated warehouse system complete with robots and all. My role is to map out the new business processes to design how the warehouse is going to operate for the systems lifecycle, potentially for 30 years!

Within my rotations I have been able to test and learn many of the new methods which are buzzword in the tech world, such as User Experience Research, Lean Innovation and Agile Project Delivery. A place like AstraZeneca IT is the right place to learn how to use concepts like these as you can try them out in a live environment with colleagues and stakeholders who want to see you succeed. I encourage anyone who is interested in technology and want to get insight in how to manage a global business to apply to the Global IT Leadership Programme!

Meet Sam

Meet Sam

Hi, I’m Sam and I’m currently helping start up our new Boulder manufacturing facility. I have a background in computer science and bioengineering, and have always been keenly interested in seeing the intersection of these two dynamic disciplines. This program has been an amazing experience as it has allowed me the opportunity to undertake exciting and challenging roles.

During my first rotation in Operations IT I worked on projects alongside our innovations team and was able to really experience and learn about project lifecycles. One of my main projects was implementing a real-time distribution tracking software that allowed us better visibility into shipment lead times. Not only was this beneficial in helping our distribution team get better information into our current system, but it also helped in illustrating how we can better get important medicines to our patients.

In my second rotation in Research and Development Information, I worked very closely with the project manager of a real world evidence visualization tool that was in development. This was a great learning experience as it allowed me to work alongside clinicians, data scientists, and our health informatics team. This application will help us realize the potential of our real world evidence data assets and will allow us to generate quicker and deeper insights informing better business decisions.

As mentioned, I am currently in my third rotation at our new Boulder, CO facility. As one can imagine it takes a lot of work to bring a plant such as this online and operational, and I have stayed extremely busy since first arriving. Going through these first two rotations in more established facilities allowed me to apply a lot of what I had learned to our new site while also recognizing room for improvements. I think this has been a common theme not just with myself but with other IT Graduates also, that with each rotation we find ourselves being able to contribute and provide progressively more value.

The IT Graduate Programme is perfect for anyone who is hoping to gain in-depth exposure to the countless interactions between technology and healthcare. This programme does a great job providing resources who are passionate about helping you develop while at AZ. I would highly recommend this programme, as it allows you to explore various rotations and positions for which you have a genuine interest, while providing a robust support structure to further your development.

Meet Kraig

Meet Kraig

Hello, I’m Kraig and I currently work within Global Commercial IT based out of Wilmington, Delaware. In this role, I’m helping to design and implement a digital simplification project that will streamline the presence of our global digital approach across roughly 35 of our global markets.  

I started with AstraZeneca in July 2015 in IT Security where I rolled out an “Information Security as a Culture (ISaaC)” program. The goal of the program was to transform the culture at AstraZeneca, creating a secure working environment centred on protecting company and employee assets, as well as patient information. 

In my second rotation, I moved into Operations IT in the Americas Region team working as a Business Analyst on multiple innovation initiatives. One of the projects I worked on was to deliver an application to digitalize the production communication boards.  The app is currently used in Sweden and is being considered for Global use.  In this role I also developed a demand management strategy and platform to capture the wide amount of demands placed on Operations IT for one of our key manufacturing sites in Newark, Delaware. 

The IT Leadership Programme allows you to build your work experience and to develop your skills through a broad support network designed for you to succeed. The flexibility offered by the program allows you to choose from a variety of roles within IT. Not only does this provide a customized experience tailored to your professional development, but it allows you to build capabilities and connections that can springboard you into a senior technology role upon completion. It’s has been an amazing experience so far, and I am so proud to have worked with teams across the globe using, developing, and implementing technology that will benefit the company – and the millions of patients and customers it serves – for years to come.

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