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MedImmune Apprentice Programme - Cambridge, UK

Our apprenticeship programmes have various start dates throughout the year, so be sure to check this page for available opportunities

Applications for these positions can be made via the National Apprenticeship Service (links below - when available) and our Apprenticeship Training Agency - Cogent Skills

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MedImmune employees represent a rich variety of skills, experiences, talents, ethnicities and points of view. Our working environment is characterised by respect, integrity and growth opportunities, which encourage both individual contribution and collaborative entrepreneurial thinking. Approximately 50% of our team work in research, 20% in biopharmaceutical development and 10% in clinical biologics and regulatory. Our remaining team members cover a wide range of vital support functions. We encourage our employees to feel a sense of ownership about their future and to make the most of the opportunities that arise when working within integrated project teams with both MedImmune and AstraZeneca colleagues around the world.

Our focus on therapeutic proteins, monoclonal antibodies and other next-generation molecules to attack a range of diseases puts us at the forefront of biologics research and development. We follow the science and push its boundaries to bring life-changing medicines to patients.

Business areas we're recruiting for

In-Vivo Services

This role offers an opportunity to learn side-by-side with a diverse team of therapy area experts at the cutting-edge of research. You will learn how scientific research is executed in an industry setting to deliver meaningful data to help guide early stage drug discovery and later stage development of new medicines. With extensive training and support, you will contribute to the execution of experiments to build our understanding of the biology of our drug candidates. This will include preparing protocols, preparing materials for experiments, troubleshooting, maintaining experimental documentation and reports with minimal supervision.

For further information click here.

Laboratory Automation

As a laboratory automation engineer, you will be responsible for ensuring that automation and support activities advance the research objectives and mission of the R&D domain. The automation engineer will work with scientists across R&D to analyse current laboratory practices at MedImmune and identify opportunities to use automation. 

For further information click here.

Antibody Discovery & Protein Engineering (x3)

We are looking for motivated and enthusiast early career scientists to work independently and as part of a team on the development of therapeutics. You will receive full training in a variety of laboratory-based techniques including molecular and cellular biology, protein engineering, protein expression or biophysical analysis. You will gain basic and applied knowledge in diverse areas like genetics and protein expression. This research experience will teach you how to design and execute experiments, analyse and interpret results and finally report your findings to a variety of audiences. You will have a mentor for the duration of your apprenticeship and you will have the chance to learn side-by-side with experts at the cutting-edge of research. In this collaborative biotech environment, you will develop a scientific and critical mind. This fantastic opportunity will give you the skills and knowledge for you to continue your scientific career, with both industrial and academic options. 

For further information:
click here for protein sciences
click here for in vivo expressed biologics - molecular biology
click here for in vivo expressed biologics - mRNA

Cell Culture Fermentation Sciences

This role works across several interdisciplinary teams within the group working together on a range of activities associated with the drug development process.  You will help create and characterise cell lines and processes required for the production of clinical grade products.  As part of this you will gain experience in transient expression systems, stable cell line development, cell culture and bioreactor process design and an understanding of the analytical methods used to support the development process.

For further information click here.

Oncology (x2)

There are two great opportunities to join the Oncology team, one focused on in vitro and one on in vivo research. You will work together with a highly skilled and diverse team of scientists to support research activities and development of new medicines. Depending on the role, with training, you will design and execute experiments (either in vitro or in vivo) and/or animal studies in rodents (in vivo) to assess the efficacy of our drug candidates and improve our understanding of their mode of action. This will include preparing protocols, recording and analysing data, interpreting results and presenting them in internal meetings. 

For further information click here for in vivo or click here for in vitro.


This is an exciting opportunity to work within our team of Histopathology scientists and Pathologists at the MedImmune Cambridge Pathology facility. You will be supported by a team of experts and will have the opportunity to learn and to carry out a wide range of technical and scientific activities which include Pathology laboratory-based investigations and scientific experimentation using Immunohistochemistry based assays.  You will gain knowledge of normal and disease biology and the experience to support projects from novel target discovery and validation through to patients in the clinic. 

For further information click here.

Cardiovascular, Renal and Metabolism

This is a great opportunity to join the in vitro drug discovery team within the Cardiovascular, Renal and Metabolism (CVRM) group at MedImmune. The CVRM group develop medicines for a wide range of metabolic diseases including diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and chronic kidney disease. You will be involved in supporting drug projects across all of these diseases, from target validation to the clinic, to help gain insight into the mechanism of action of our medicines and to help patients be healthier for longer. The role will involve the use of cutting edge scientific technologies to perform cell-based screening assays, data interpretation and analysis, and molecular biology procedures. With this position you will gain solid laboratory skills, excel as a team player and develop a first-rate understanding of metabolic disease.

For further information click here.

Supply Chain - Logistics and Clinical Supply

You will develop an understanding for how the supply of medicines within clinical trials are controlled and regulated, how information technology is used to manage the medical supply chain and how the delivery of trial medicines fits into the broader clinical trial process and the wider pharmaceutical industry, from discovering a drug right up to launching a drug on the market. This role works as the interface between teams who discover, develop and research an investigational medicinal product.

For further information click here.

Research Bioinformatics (Graduate/Master’s Level Apprenticeship)

As an Informatics apprentice within Research Bioinformatics, you will be learning how to develop software for both one-time analysis and robust, widely used scientific tools and systems. You will build understanding of biology, drug discovery and computer science to help discover new therapeutics and the development new technologies.

click here for further information and to apply.

Candidate criteria

We have one of the most exciting pipelines in the industry, with a close-knit team of the brightest minds in the world – it’s an exciting time with huge potential to grow and expand your knowledge and skills. Find out what qualifications we require and what we're looking for.

What skills and qualifications are we looking for in applicants for our technician scientist apprentices?

  • a minimum of 5 GCSEs or equivalent at grades A*-C including English language (not literature), Science and Maths
  • must have/be predicted to achieve a minimum of 96 UCAS points from your top three A-Levels (or equivalent)
  • you must have an A Level (or equivalent) in Chemistry or Biology depending on which apprenticeship you hope to study.

What skills and qualifications are we looking for in applicants for our non-laboratory-based opportunities?

  • a minimum of five GCSEs at grades A*-C, including English Language and Maths

What type of candidate are we looking for?

  • bright, motivated individuals with an enthusiasm for learning and an eye for detail
  • individuals with the ability to work with others as part of a collaborative team, and with the flexibility to undertake a variety of tasks

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