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AstraZeneca in Brazil

AstraZeneca is one of the world’s most exciting bio-pharmaceutical companies. From scientists to sales, lab techs to legal, we’re on a mission to turn ideas into life-changing medicines that improve patients’ lives and benefit society. Our portfolio is solid and our pipeline is innovative with a focus on biological medicines in the Cardio-Metabolic, Respiratory and Oncological áreas.

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Our work is genuinely rewarding! We point out new path in science and develop medicines that make the difference for patients around the world. To make this goal real, we tirelessly seek to foster an environment of collaboration, respect and with a unique purpose relying on a talented and committed team. Today, in Brazil, we count on about 1,000 employees united by the commitment to impact the largest number of people.

Our facilities

São Paulo

São Paulo

We have a head office and a factory located in Cotia, São Paulo.

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What we offer


Astrazeneca persuits to reduce the environmental impact to gain trust and respect of key stakeholders, enhance our reputation and remain among the leaders in the pharmaceutical industry. We adopt selective collection of waste, treat our effluent and encourage environmental awareness through the responsible use of our resources.

Health and fitness

We believe a healthy work environment leads to higher productivity. We have a range of initiatives designed to improve and protect the health and well-being of our people, including annual medical checks, a pregnancy programme and childcare assistance. We offer reimbursements for gym membership, as well as the services of a credit cooperative.


We believe that each one is responsible for their development and protagonist of their career, but we create practices to support and stimulate our collaborators: cross-functional projects, job rotation, international career opportunities, career opportunities between different areas (sales/headquarters, marketing/commercial and others), education incentive with scholarship for languages, and for the accomplishment of the 1st university degree and post-graduation.

Balance between life and work

We expect you to be fullfiled professionally and personally. We want you to be totally, professionally and personally! For this, we recognize the importance of striking a balance between work and personal life. We have a Christmas recess that does not affect your annual vacation, short Fridays, extended throughtout the year, and home office policy.

Social responsibility

We believe that our actions have an impact on society and, therefore, we have responsibility for the community! Every year we support a series of social projects aimed at promoting health, education and quality of life, from sports activities to cultural programs in hospitals. We also support community services, supporting the elderly and those with special needs.

The way we do things

We have a solid history of recognition that shows that we are on the right track! Since 2004 we have been chosen as one of the Best Companies to Work for, according to the Great Place to Work Institute and since 2014 we have been the Best Pharmaceutical Company to Work For. In addition, in 2015 and 2016 we were chosen as the best company for Women to work for.

Our focus on professional development through career opportunities, quality of life and recognition of hard work through a total competitive remuneration reinforces our commitment to our employees.

The way we do things

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