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Who we are

We are AstraZeneca. More than 59,000 of us, across six continents, working together across global boundaries to make an impact and find answers to challenges.

About AstraZeneca and MedImmune

We’re active in over 100 countries with a growing presence in emerging markets including China, Brazil, Mexico and Russia. In total, we employ over 59,000 people and we invest over $4bn in R&D each year.

MedImmune and our Innovative Medicines Unit (IMED) operate as autonomous biotech business units so they have the best possible environments for scientific discovery and early development.

AstraZeneca is one of the world’s most exciting bio-pharmaceutical companies. We’re a science leader with a mission to turn ideas into life-changing medicines that improve patients’ lives and benefit society.


Diversity is important to us at AstraZeneca for two reasons. Firstly, because we believe that having a diverse workforce that accurately represents the communities in which we work is the right thing to do. And secondly, because we know that diverse teams are innovative teams. When a team member has a different background or an alternative point of view, they bring new ideas and fresh thinking to the table. We believe that teams of every kind benefit from dynamic diversity.

This attitude extends throughout every level of our business. We work hard to ensure our Board and leadership teams are diverse in terms of gender, ethnicity and culture.

Our efforts on gender diversity received external recognition in 2015, when the National Association for Female Executives ranked us as one of its 50 leading companies for the seventh year running. We have also been featured among Working Mother magazine’s 100 Best Companies.

You can find some of our awards listed below.


Access to healthcare

We are making it easier for people to afford our medicines, especially in emerging and developing markets. We also focus on strengthening healthcare capabilities, particularly in developing economies.

Environmental sustainability

We operate in a way that respects, and protects, our climate and natural resources. Since 2010, we’ve reduced our water consumption by 14%, our total waste by 18% and our carbon footprint by 21%.

Ethical business practices

We’re committed to promoting human rights, protecting safety and health, preventing bribery and corruption. We want to be valued for the medicines we provide and trusted for the way we work, leading the industry by demonstrating ethical business practices and high levels of integrity in everything we do.

Responsible research

We set high standards of ethical practice across all aspects of our research activity worldwide, from clinical trials to research with animals. We work hard to ensure we are aware of risks to patient safety relating to our business, including the side effects of our medicines and risks to patients from the illegal trade of medicines.

Great place to work

In order to attract and retain the world’s most skilled and talented individuals to help us develop new treatments and medicines we have to work hard. We are dedicated to building an inclusive, diverse, open and trusting organisation that embraces the skills, knowledge and unique abilities of each of our employees.

Our awards

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